News Articles and Multimedia

News content:

News with multimedia

Feature and video documentary from Perpignan, France – ieiMedia

Profile of a soldier with PTSD and the surrounding issues (includes audio, slideshow, etc.) – Forward Report

Personality profile of Charlene Hanson, a transgendered woman (includes audio, slideshow, graphics, etc.) – Forward Report

Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin (co-authored) (includes time line) – Forward Report

Animal Research gives hope for Glaucoma treatment (co-authored) – Forward Report

Other published work 2008-2010

Women and Green Jobs in Wisconsin – J335, published at Women’s Council of Wisconsin

Business owners create task force – Badger Herald

Assembly Committee Restricts Funding – Badger Herald

Supreme Court Candidates to Hold First Debate in Green Bay – Badger Herald

Fundraising Not Allowed Until Budget Debate Ends – Badger Herald

Lawmakers anticipate success for smoking ban – Badger Herald

Unemployment numbers unchanged for now – Badger Herald

High state official distrust exists – Badger Herald

Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl stars tailgate for Obama before Saturday’s game (one of my favs to report on) – Badger Herald

4 attend McCain energy assembly – Badger Herald

Veteran backs Obama policy – Badger Herald

Faculty OK women’s studies change – Badger Herald


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