About Me

picture of meMy name is Alicia C. Abercrombie. Alicia sometimes. Ali for short. I’m a 20-something year old living in Madison, WI, and as could be guessed, I’m kind of a policy dork. Though I gave up working as a journalist a few months back, I did graduate with dual degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Legal Studies from UW-Madison in 2011. (So I am a bit more qualified than your average citizen journalist.) I love watching the political system at work, commenting on it when possible and trying to find the truth behind the craziness in today’s media. As said in my Manifesto, though I don’t consider myself a member of either political party, I do have a liberal bent, (as a friend at the UW Survey Center was once told, I’ve been brainwashed by Madison), and write from that perspective.

I make no promises about my frequency in updating this blog, as every post takes hours longer than anyone would believe to research and complete, but when I do write it’ll be about politics, law, sometimes technology, or whatever current event tickles my fancy. Usually this blog will focus on national and international issues, but since I do live in Wisconsin and am a UW-Madison alum, I will focus on local and state issues whenever I feel the need.

I welcome comments, questions, clarifications, and criticism on my work, as well as ideas for updates. Email me at acabercrombie@gmail.com, or comment below any post (please follow the comment guidelines!) I look forward to hearing from you!

I happen to not only be a Policy Dork, but also a bit of a gaming nerd. In that spirit, I also recommend everyone check out the excellent writing at The Gamer’s Pavilion, run by one of my best friends and most constant editors.


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