Guess who’s back (back, back), back again!

So a little over a month ago I quit my job as a journalist for the Times-Press. Amazing for the girl who spent the last seven years convinced that all she wanted to do was be a journalist.

A lot of things went into this decision, not all of which are relevant for blogging in an era where everything is cached for eternity. Suffice it to say that a combination of money, work environment, commuting (which should fall under money but is really it’s own separate heading), boredom and a loss of ideals all contributed to the switch.

I now work for a company in Madison as a Project Manager. It’s not as satisfying at the end of the day as putting out the news for an entire town, but I do know I’ve done a job well, made customers and coworkers happy and learned something new. And that’s a good place to start while beginning yet another new adventure. I’m far more content where I am, though I do hope that journalism will continue to be something I pursue later in life.

However, since I can’t seem to stop writing to save my life and the new HBO show The Newsroom has me thinking again about a lot of journalism and politics related topics (I had to take a break after months of covering the recall elections for the Times-Press so I wouldn’t lose my sanity) I’ve decided to start Policy Dorks back up again.

I can’t promise a post every week, but I will do my best to present my (three) readers with the same researched, well thought out opinions that I would be proud to present as opinion pieces in any newspaper I’ve worked for so far and any I may work for in the future.

You will also notice some changes to the format of this blog soon. While this template worked well for me two years ago, I’m not so keen on it now. So we shall see what stays and what goes. Expect much prettier things soon (and possibly even a domain name! Gasp!) I may even learn the WordPress CMS while I’m at it. Woot woot.

In my next post, which will likely come by Thursday, I’m going to discuss something I’m sure I’ve touched on previously here: why I hate the idea of “fairness” and “objectivity” in journalism. Where it came from, where it is now and why it made my life hell this last year.

So welcome back, everyone! I can’t wait to have you join me on my ride to stay sane through writing!


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