Welcome to…Reporting?!?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alicia who ran a blog called Policy Dorks. In April, she interviewed for a paid internship with the Journal Times, a daily newspaper in Racine. She never heard back from them, so she assumed the worst and, after graduation, started doing temp market research work. (I really was a busy human, I wasn’t just totally blowing off my blog. Promise!) She made a lot of really boring confidential phone calls for a few days, and then, out of the blue, got a call from a dude named Rob Golub. Rob is the local editor of the Journal Times. He wanted her to drop everything, move to Racine for the summer, and get paid to be a real reporter!

Well, easier said than done, (for example, I flew to Texas to drive my new car back home to Wisconsin, whew that was a long weekend), but three weeks later, Alicia is the newest reporting intern at the Journal Times!

So for a lot of this summer, this blog will be my reflections on not just law, politics and technology, but just the experience of being an actual, real, honest-to-God reporter. I’ve freelanced before, but never been part of an office, and even that is so different to me. The fact that either of my editors can overhear my interviews makes me nervous, not because I’m asking the wrong questions, but because to me phone interviewing has always been something I do in a quiet room by myself.

I’ve written 4 articles in the last week and have had 3 of them published so far! It’s so much fun, so challenging, and yet so familiar that I can’t believe that its been so long since I did it. How can it have been over a year since I’ve been a journalist? It’s so…awesome 🙂 Really. (Let me keep my idealism while it lasts.)

More later, its 12:16 am and I have to get up early to go to my (usually) 9-5 job. Isn’t that a strange thought.

Check out my newest work below!

Christian volunteer organization helps improve area low-income neighborhoods

Lemonade stand to benefit children fighting cancer

Area woman becomes new host of Discover Wisconsin


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