Where I talk about setting realistic deadlines

me saying sorry

I'm so sorry I didn't even photoshop myself in this unflattering picture

So I’ve realized that I always tackle large personal projects, things like making daily blog posts that take two to three hours at a crack and require research and Photoshopping like with Teh Commerz Clawz, right before major projects in my school life take over.

And while it’s great to want to take on fun personal projects, especially ones I have so much fun with and that allow me to exercise all my knowledge and talents in one, when I have an entire ad campaign to design before December 13th and finals in two weeks, I need to be more realistic with my schedule.

So while doing a daily blog was incredibly fun, Teh Commerz Clawz will be pushed back to 1 or 2 updates a week. I apologize to anyone that was following this, but unfortunately getting good grades and not letting down my advertising team tops my personal blog. You can expect a new Commerz Clawz by next Wednesday.

Then we shall go back to the weekly schedule already set when I started. My bad, y’all.


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