Teh Commerz Clawz

So, I have been reading Hyperbole and a Half far too much this week, (yay for procrastination, which apparently stems from a fear of failure and not laziness, according to You Are Not So Smart), and was realizing that A) not everyone finds politics extremely interesting, and B) everyone loves Lolcatz. Also, C) even though I have spent 2 months exclusively studying the Commerce Clause, it’s really, incredibly boring, and you have to be a policy dork to care, and D) you have to dumb it down to your own level of comprehension.

My notes from Law classes generally look something like this:

Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee

“Guy in England named Martin inherited property, Virginia made a law that ppl in England couldn’t inherit land cuz they were traitors, Martin got pissed and appealed, Sup Crt said Virginia couldn’t do that, Virginia went back and did it anyway, SC had to make VA toe the line. Established supremacy of national government!”

Which is much more interesting than the alternative, which you can read here on Oyez.com.

Then in discussion, I read through a case and then explained it to my group mates in exactly the same manner. And one of them said that it was possibly the best and easiest to understand, yet thorough description they’d ever heard. So, for the next week, I’m going to explain, incrementally, the cases that form the precedent for the current challenge to HR 3962 Affordable Health Care for America Act, and then explain the decision that allows the states to continue challenging the bill. In super simple language. It’s actually entirely possible I will use LOLspeak. Because it sounds fun.

That is all.


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