Getcha Vote On!

I promise that this weekend will see a slew of commentary I’ve had building  through the second round of midterms, but let’s put it to a vote.

Would you like to hear about:
A) Walker’s high speed rail debacle,
B) Obama v. ? (Palin?) for 2012,
C) Whether MSNBC’s politicization is ultimately going to hurt them,
D) Why states can sue over the health care bill, and what the deal is with the Commerce Clause, the Taxing and Spending Clause and health care in the first place.

(Facebooking me, hitting me up on Twitter @acabercrombie, or commenting this post are all acceptable forms of voting.)

Now on to the meat of this post.

I admit it, for someone who loves technology, I’m behind on the trends. I only recently got a LinkedIn, and am still not sure how to use it after college. Katy Culver forced me to use Twitter for the first time last spring. I stuck with LiveJournal long after many people made the switch to WordPress. While I understand Reddit, I have to admit it bores me just a bit. I was one of those people who held on to MySpace long after it went out of style.

But OH EM GEE, do I love my RSS feeds.

So here are a few recommendations for quick reads to keep up on the media and political worlds:

On the Hill blog. Their Morning Roundup of opinions from both sides of the divide are interesting both in what they actually say, and in what Capitol Hill is pushing each morning. In general the mix of Democratic and Republican articles is pretty even. For example, yesterday had a great blog from Michael Moore, who mentioned the obvious, that the Democrats have a bit of time left to push things through, and hey, maybe they should. Though they won’t. (We’ve all seen how well “jamming legislation down America’s throat” works.)

Media Decoder: New York Times. Very quick (two-to-three paragraph) updates on interesting media world happenings, like iTunes finally conquering the Beatles, the merger of NewsWeek and the Daily Beast, Keith Olbermann’s recent political contribution scandals (and why Fox didn’t make a big deal of this like I assumed they would), and the question many people have been asking, including senators: Why can’t Fox and MSNBC just go away? Is Cable News actually news anymore? And most importantly, why should we care?

Don’t forget to vote for Sunday!

And here’s a funny to send you on your way!

Wis. man accused of shooting TV over Palin dance


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