I voted. Have you?

I voted picWow. It’s been almost a month since I posted anything? Mea culpa, my friends.

To be honest, I’ve had so much to say and so little time to research my positions that I’ve said nothing at all. I had a blog planned on the ridiculous political attack ads running (especially the one from the College Republicans called “I am Debt“), another on how Dems should really quit running away from their accomplishments, and yet another two, one on Wisconsin candidates and one on Nevada candidates.

However, since I obviously failed in that attempt, let me just make a few simple statements.

I voted for Tom Barrett, Russ Feingold,  and Tammy Baldwin. I did this because well, jobs and economy aside (if that’s even possible, but try for a few seconds), I like birth control. I like being allowed to do what I want with my body. And Scott Walker isn’t cool with that. If I got raped and was brought into the hospital, Scott Walker doesn’t want me to have access to Plan B. Which, news flash, is not an abortion pill. Also, I’m extremely thankful for my Badgercare and would like to keep it. Walker’s not too keen on that either.

I’m voting for Tom Barrett because Rebecca Kleefisch, Scott Walker’s running mate, thinks that same-sex marriage is the same as marrying inanimate objects, and I can say for sure that all my LGBT friends are not inanimate objects and neither are their partners. Neither is Tammy Baldwin or her partner.

I’m voting for Russ Feingold because he has shown over the last 18 years of government that he votes on his principles, including voting against the Patriot Act and against the war in Iraq, not along party lines, and I would much rather have someone like that than someone like Ron Johnson that doesn’t care about the details and thinks global warming is a myth caused by sun spots. (If you missed science classes in high school, sun spots are cooler areas of the sun. I think he meant solar flares?)

I’m voting for Tammy Baldwin…well, honestly, because I’ve met her and I love her. She’s a great person. But also because she supports marriage equality, because she supports health care reform, because she supports green energy. I trust that when I vote for Tammy, I’m continuing to leave Madison’s interests in capable hands.

These beliefs are why I went door-to-door in my neighborhood today with Fair Wisconsin, trying to GOTV for these three candidates.

These are my beliefs and this is my vote. What’re yours?


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