“We all just want a catfight.”

So this morning, for the sake of this blog and being better informed and all that good jazz, I once again attempted to watch the national morning news. I thought maybe, seeing as it’s been months since I watched anything other than Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, that maybe my memory deceived me. (For the record, CNN is boring, FOX News makes me sick to my stomach, and I pay enough for cable without shelling out extra for the BBC, so MSNBC seems my only option.)

I gave it a good effort. But 25 minutes was all I could handle before switching it off. Here’s why.

Meghan McCain, the marriage equality supporting member of the John McCain family (she posed for a  set of NoH8 ads earlier this year), recently released a book called “Dirty Sexy Politics.” DSP chronicles her thoughts on her father’s failed presidential bid in 2008, and does a decent bit of Palin bashing, according to MSNBC. In an article from 8/31/10, MSNBC states that Meghan called Palin a ticking time-bomb, waiting to explode the campaign.

However, she also said some pretty nice things about Palin, things about her and her family being “nice and down-to-Earth.”

Anyway, on The Today Show, Meghan said her first thoughts about Palin were “Who the hell is Sarah Palin?” Which, to be honest, was pretty much everyone’s first thought. Did you know who this Palin woman was? I sure didn’t. (You can watch clips and read about it in the Post here.)

So MSNBC, instead of taking that at face value, called in one of their various “political experts” (at the time of writing I can’t find her name, but I assume there will be a Youtube clip soon) and asked her what she thought of Meghan McCain talking about how she didn’t know Sarah Palin.

And the first words out of this expert’s mouth were “Well, we all just want a catfight. America loves catfights. We love seeing two well-dressed, beautiful women go at it on television.” She then went on to suggest McCain and Palin should wrestle in a hot tub, because America would love it.

Swear to God.

HOW IS THAT ANALYSIS? Oh, also, the book doesn’t have enough sex or dirt in it. (How dare a woman whose father works in politics not wreck his name and his campaign in the most revealing book ever?) But…the expert had only done a ‘Washington read,’ meaning all she’d done was skim various sections looking for proper names. So, we can’t really take her word on that either.

Thank you MSNBC for proving again why I don’t watch television news.

Oh, also, in a beautiful twist of fate, Snooki from Jersey Shore goes to court today after being charged with being too annoying for anyone to deal with anymore. No, really. Criminally annoying is a charge. Check it out here.


2 thoughts on ““We all just want a catfight.”

  1. C.C.

    Meh, I hate the Today Show anyway. 🙂

    Meghan was on the Tonight Show yesterday talking about her book and the only things I can remember are: she tried talking less like a valley girl and she hates Obama.

    1. acabercrombie Post author

      She was on the Daily Show last week and she giggled through the whole interview. Jon Stewart kept trying to get her back on track and it just didn’t seem possible. Ugh.


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