The What Policy Dorks Do For Fun Manifesto

So, after a months-long hiatus, it has come to my attention that the world of politics has continued on without my writing about it. A travesty, to be sure, and one that must be remedied posthaste. However, considering the amount of time I spend lately hunting around the internet, reading other people’s opinions of politics, love, webcomics, etc., I would like to issue the

“What Policy Dorks do for Fun Manifesto”

(Or, what this blog is and is not.)

This blog is not written by someone with a strong political bent. I consider myself Moderate leaning towards Liberal. I don’t identify with either the Democratic or Republican parties. I openly support marriage equality, the income tax, the Department of Education, breaking the glass ceiling (for example with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act) and immigration policies that work (i.e., not Arizona’s). I usually support President Obama, but I am not impressed with his entire track record. For example, he has failed on Guantanamo Bay and wars overseas. I openly oppose the Tea Party on general principle, Glenn Beck because of his pure stupidity, welfare programs for those unwilling to better themselves (and yes, I realize the contentiousness of that statement), capital punishment and support adoption more than abortion except in the usual cases.

In addition, I am a journalism and legal studies major at University of Wisconsin-Madison, so I will address all issues with that perspective. There will be many days when I address not only what is covered, but how, why, and when. However, when it comes to journalism, I have a very old-fashioned perspective. I prefer the look and feel of a newspaper. I love print journalism. I ABHORE the 24-hour news cycle, and honestly have quit watching television news other than The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I just can’t stomach it.

I get my news from the New York Times, Channel 3000 and the Wisconsin State Journal, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, my Twitter feed and various blogs, usually read from my Palm Pre Plus in my spare time. Thus, if I have missed an important piece of information, please feel free to bring it up in the comments if you have the sourcing to do so. I am always willing to admit my mistakes.

So keeping in mind that I absolutely have a liberal bent, I’m a college student with not quite as much research time as I’d like, and that I have a peculiar idea of the news and what it should do,

Welcome to the newly revamped, revised, and otherwise rebooted What Policy Dorks Do For Fun.

You can expect updates weekly about politics, law, technology, and the masses. If you want me to write about something, send it my way at Follow me on Twitter (handle: acabercrombie) and I’ll follow you, though I usually only use my Twitter to let people know about blog updates.

Before posting comments, please read the comments guidelines in the next post.


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