Comment Guidelines

Adapted from the UK Register comment guidelines, since they put things so nicely. Thank you, UK Register! #7 is my personal favorite.

1. Firstly and perhaps most importantly: Moderation is at my discretion. I publish what I feel is fit for publication. I accept the vast majority of all comments posted, and I try to be broad-minded and consistent – but in the end if I don’t want it published on my blog, it doesn’t go up. Comments may take longer to appear at different times of the day or when I am very busy – all comments are moderated individually. If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, be patient.

2. When posting a comment, think about what you’re saying and remember you’re addressing real people. Be legible and intelligible. Be polite. Animated debate is great – nasty arguments and abuse, not so much.

3. Be pertinent – redundant comments repeating what others have said are liable to be deleted. Try and stay on topic. Read the article before you post, and read the thread too.

4. No trolling – it’s OK to be provocative, but trolling is another matter.

5. No spam, no links to porn – self-explanatory. I get enough of that from spam-bots.

6. Post no personal details about others, please. And don’t post your own contact details. I will not, repeat, will not publish them.

7. Don’t be a racist arsehole, a homophobic wanker, a xenophobic idiot or a sexist pig. You know when you’re crossing a line – if you don’t, learn. (Don’t you love British insults?)

8. I’m grateful for corrections. But do it in a polite manner, and back it up with evidence. Merely telling me I’m wrong without sourcing will piss me off, and when you learn to comment in a rational manner, I probably won’t post your sourced and literate comment on general principle.

As always, these guidelines are subject to revision at my discretion. Happy commenting!


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