Take this post with a dose of Dayquil…

…Because then it might make more sense.

So in my Dayquil/quitting nicotine fog, I have a secret to confess. I hate calling people for interviews. It scares me, way deep down in my soul somewhere. I’ve had the number of a soldier willing to talk to me about his PTSD experiences for weeks now. I just finally got around to calling him today. I even know what I need to ask, and his story is all I need to finish my individual work for good. But for some reason I would find every excuse in the world not to call him.

Even just emailing people scares me a little. Though obviously not as much.

I have no idea why. I’ve been calling people for interviews since I was 16, and other than one very rude man while I was working at the Herald everyone has been very nice to me. I think it comes from having worked at a survey center, but I always know what tone to strike to put people at ease. And yet the scariest thing in the world to me is picking up the phone and calling someone for an interview.

Katy, as a 28 percent Catholic, can I please be at least 28 percent absolved of the sin of being a scared journalist now?


One thought on “Take this post with a dose of Dayquil…

  1. Stephanie Hartwig

    I still get a little bit nervous calling for interviews. I’ve been rejected for interviews before, but I don’t know if that’s what bothers me. I always feel like I’m invading someone’s personal space by calling and e-mailing and whatnot. Not sure how to get over this, just takes practice I guess. And I feel better about asking to speak with people when I know that their point of view is going to help me better understand something. It’s easier to ask those people.


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