State of the Union Address

Currently watching the State of the Union address. I’m a bit behind, but I dvr’d it like the dork I am so here are some of my thoughts:

Nuclear energy?–Only with you there when you figure out what to do with nuclear waste. However, I completely agree with the focus on green energy and how we need to keep up with the rest of the world. Look at Sweden and Denmark. Its entirely possible to live almost without oil and nuclear.

I’m slightly worried about strengthening trade with places like Columbia and S. Korea, but exports would be helpful.

How are we going to cut college costs from within the colleges themselves? At the UW, I know that we have money problems up the wazoo. Biddy just had to convince everyone that upping tuition would be good for everyone.

And now we’re down to the start of the nitty-gritty. What exactly do you have to say about health insurance Mr. Obama? Start out with a funny, and ease everyone in. Good as usual. If we’re going to be reducing costs for people for health care, where is the extra money going to come from? I was reading in the NYT a few days ago (link here) about how insurance companies will have to up costs for everyone to allow high risk people into the boat. Alright, explain it a bit better, please.

I still haven’t heard an explanation. I’ve heard praise and calls to action, but I still don’t understand how this plan will affect me, my parents, or my community. Which is the problem, and is why your approval ratings are dropping.

The amount of money we owe other people and ourselves amazes me. I know i’m young and naive, but I can’t even fathom a trillion dollars. Ha, Obama just passed the buck on Bush. Good call. It was a great PR idea to remind people of what we had before.

So we can pay for wars but not for anything else? How is this going to affect education?

I feel that he’s pretending we have far more bi-partisan support than we do. Ok, at least he acknowledged it. I feel like this fighting Obama is the one we were promised. Where has this been the last year? I’m not convinced.

We’ve been promised openness in government and it hasn’t happened. He promised proceedings would be open during the last year and they weren’t. If this is another fake openness promise from yet another politician I’m going to puke.

OH MY GOD he’s taking on the Supreme Court. They just reversed that century of law and he’s going to sign it back into place. But it was put as a First Amendment question to the courts. Can he just reverse that? Is he allowed? I can’t wait to hear the talking heads tomorrow morning. I want some “experts” 😛

He’s using the Web and social media again. Even if its just for earmarks…Yes! Help the people who helped put you in office. Us. The young people. We did so much to put you in office. Show us again what you are all about. You need our support. Social media did this. Thank you.

I love watching the Republican vs. Democratic sides of the room every time he talks. Its like watching a bunch of angry teenagers vs. kids with way too much school spirit. Biden and Pelosi are also interesting. Biden looks like a bobble-head doll. Pelosi isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

He lied about the war in Afghanistan. He promised to take the troops out when on the campaign trail. I hope he doesn’t dance around this issue. Ok, so Iraq is out. “We’re going to continue to partner with the Iraqi people.” What does that mean? Is that contradictory to all our troops coming home? Oh no wait, we have ‘private security forces.’ Never mind.

I really love watching people trying to decide if what he said was worth standing for.

JFK and Reagan. Interesting combination. The golden boy and…I hate to admit I don’t know much about Reagan. Add to summer research list: Learn at least a little about Reagan.

No clapping for saying we’re helping with AIDS. I wish people realized a little bit more how important this disease is. The Haitian ambassador looks very small and very uncomfortable.

About goddamn time he mentioned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Ooh, and then women afterward. Nice tie-in. Nice rebuttal to the concept that gays are a big enough and strong enough group that they don’t need help. Women are half the population, but we need help as well.

Thank you for calling everyone out. literally everyone. And its true. I’ve lost so much faith in government this last year. I’m glad he called out the “campaign fever” as well. That has really been worrying me.

Good ending. Now if things don’t happen, everyone will know the Republicans are to blame. And now everyone will know.

Obama is mad. Very very mad. I truly hope that changes something. A lot of Republicans were getting to their feet by the end. Not that that means a lot legislation-wise, but here’s hoping.


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